【Head office】

Adress:3-2-100 Uchigawara-cho Kisshoin  Minami-ku kyoto-shi Kyoto JAPAN , POST CODE 601-8392



Prolific Visionary Productions.LLC is focusing on establishing a connection between London and Japan in an international cultural dance exchange, in hopes of creating an educational program that focuses on all styles. Prolific visionary productions.LLC has been active in japan since November 2013. We have been working with the community in Kyoto prefecture, broadening the minds of dancers we connect with by indulging in creative activities that are catered to strengthening each individual's quality of movement.

Prolific Visionary Productions.LLC creatively works on challenging the realm of hip hop theatre creating a hybrid/abstract form by introducing other genre's of movement such as contemporary, Krump, jazz, & the essence of butoh & everyday life experiences in a cultural fusion.